Taking on too much.

With too little time.

I got this great idea that I would paint a large display miniature for my husband’s new office. I had a logo designed for him and his team based on this miniature knowing, that I wanted to paint it for him as a mascot. I didn’t have a deadline on the project, until this week.

He has a work event coming up and I thought it would be a fantastic time to present him with his new gift. I set this deadline, not thinking about how long it would take me to actual paint the damn thing. I could spend day and night in a frenzy, trying to get the project done. 

Unfortunately, I have other OBLIGATIONS in the meantime. I mean like work and the upcoming Reaper Virtual. SERIOUSLY, what is wrong with me? I don’t know why I do this to myself.

The Beast

Well, at least I got the beastly thing airbrushed, DAYS ago. I am so nervous about messing it up that I haven’t even started painting it yet. I keep telling myself it’s because I don’t want to open the window and let in cold air while I airbrush, but that’s just a lie.

Good news is that I found some interesting looking fungi on an old tree stump while out walking my dog. I think I can use these on the base to add interesting underwater “coral”. Need to figure out how to get them properly cleaned and dried before I need to attach them to the base. If you know what these little fungi are, drop a comment below.

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